Believing is

Believing is Seeing

I have often heard people say that they want to be a doctor, lawyer, policeman, or fireman.
When I was in Kindergarten, I wanted to be a fireman.

I remember taking a field trip to the fire station, seeing the firemen change clothes quickly and then jump down the hole on the pole and hop aboard the big red truck to save someone’s life from the threat of death by fire, steam, or smoke.

Many years later, I was afforded an opportunity to travel with some tiny tots as they took a field trip to a fire station also. During this visit, I saw things through a different set of lenses. I saw all of the hard work that it took to sacrifice your life to save some one else’s. I saw something in their eyes that I did not see in the eyes of doctors, attorneys, teachers, and CPA’s.

Unlike the other professionals, was purpose beaming as bright as a star. There is no possible way to lure a fireman in their work duties and responsibilities through salary and fringe benefits. There is some thing- not some thing tangible, but something they could no see or touch that left them returning to fight fire.

I must admit my desire to fight this type of fire quickly faded as I was exposed to other career types in general … I developed interests in other things. I saw myself fighting another type of fire.
I saw myself helping people, hundreds of people …
I saw myself saving people from fire, but not the type of fire that can ruin flesh, or homes or land.

Rather, the fire that can destroy the soul. I could almost literally see myself saving people.

So the question of the day is- if I see myself fighting fire for the lives of people, what am I doing about what I believe that is the purpose of my life?
If you see yourself doing this or that, what are you doing?

… to be continued.


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