Close to Christ, Jesus is Lord, Love, Reflection

Waiting for Teacake

Some time ago, a friend asked about what it meant to be the bride of Jesus Christ. I have opted to respond here.

I believe that being the Bride of Christ is more than simply being His fiancee. More than being His wife or wife to be.

… being the young Bride of Christ represents
a fondness
a love
a like of Jesus Christ.

It represents being somebody that possesses the characteristics of a person that He would consider marrying.

I imagine that such a Prince would have a laundry list of prerequisites. I simply do not do fit the bill.
Despite many, many, many reasons He should not love me at all, He loves me and loves me unconditionally.

Googly-eye’d I am. I must admit.
I am fond of Him.
I like Him.
I love Him. Let me just say I love…
I love everything about Him.
Who He represents.
Who He is in front of people.
Who He is behind closed doors.
Who He is when He is speaking.
Who He is when He is silent.

This fondness, love, and like moves towards me from Jesus Christ.
And from me to Him.

When I fall short, He is so patient and kind that He teaches me what I need to know.
He teaches me to love, give mercy, and repent. So together, we love mercy, forgive quick, and repent quicker.

Our relationship is like nothing I’ve ever experienced.

It’s a freshness.
It’s a promise.
It’s a contract between He and I to be together forever.
… the promise to begin every single day with new mercies toward one another and others also.
There is newness, tenderness.
We cherish one another and we cherish one another’s feelings.

I only want to be with him.
I remain pure only for Him.
When we communicate with one another we remember that the other has feelings and speak with kindness to one another.
Because we know each other so well, we say things like, ‘Honey will you.. ‘
And quickly the other interrupts, ‘Yes, I sure will.’
Further, He has paid a price for me – His blood serves as the drowery.

When I think of the scenario of me being the bride of Jesus Christ, I picture myself as a young woman fully dressed to the T, sitting on a veranda with fresh made sun tea. I sit and wait on the front of this huge white home even on a hot summer day, patiently waiting for Teacake, my love.
… I am fond of Him.
… I like Him.
… I love Him.
He is my groom.

Filled to the brim with excitement, I can hardly wait to see His silhouette walking down the driveway toward me.
When I catch a glimpse of Him, I dare to run down the dusty path to meet Him and jump into His arms.

Until that day, I will keep my promises and patiently wait for my Love to return.


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