Believing is, Close to Christ

Believing is Doing

Lately, my prevalent thoughts have been concerning Belief. This post- which is my first post on this blog- will contain some of the points that I made in a previous blog posting.

When you believe something, there is some degree of action in your life that runs alongside your belief.

If I am a middle school student who wants to be the star player of my high school team, no matter the weather, I need to be out shooting field goals, 3-pointers, or free throws as much as possible.
If I am a H.S. student who believes that I will be a Master Surgeon, I need to study biology and chemistry and prepare to get in to college and study more of these types of science. I need to get educated on what the requirements are to be who I believe I am and then move forward in those beliefs.
If I am a woman who of God is destined to do great things but has been through many ups and downs, I need to remain more focused on the things I will do than the things that I have been through.

No matter what you believe you shall be, it is necessary to lay before the Lord and ask him for direction.
Is what I am thinking in alignment with your will for my life?
What do I need to do first? Second? Next? …

Whatever it is that I ‘believe’ I need to be moving forward to achieve those goals.

Qs: What do you see your self doing or being? What visible action(s) are you manifesting externally to demonstrate your internal belief?

… to be continued.


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