Divine Strategy

With much spiritual activity happening right now, we need divine strategy to survive.  This morning, I pray a prayer for divine strategy.

Lord Jesus,

Pour out your spirit and give us divine strategy. Your ways are not like ours. Your ways are far past finding out. You know the end from the beginning. You are Alpha and Omega. You love us and you have our best interest in mind.

Image Source: www.u.osu.edu

Image Source: http://www.u.osu.edu

Tell us:

What do we need to do today?

Where should we go?

Who should we date?

Who should be marry?

How should I organize my business?

How should I go about my personal affairs?

How can I monetize my hobby?

How/when do I need to publish my materials?

What is the best method that I need to go about marketing my project?

How do I train my sales team?

How do I attract the right clients?

How do I balance work and my personal endevours?

How should I spend my spare time?


I need your divine strategy so that I will never waste my time.



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