Break the Ceiling




Sometimes, I’ve felt like there was a big thick piece of glass over my head.
It’s thin enough for me to see everything on the other side but too thick to easily break.

Once broken, I can climb through and if I am careful not to fall back through. I break the next ceiling and continue to ascend.

On the other hand, because I can see through it, it’s decieving … it’s easy to just look at it, and grow complacent.

No room for growth.
No room for advancement.
No room at all.

Since I noticed it there, I would periodically throw something up there to break it. What I was doing was not really any good, dedicated effort.

As a woman of God, I must make an effort to break the ceiling that tries to form and reform over my head.
We are not to conform to this world, but rather to be transformed by the renewing our minds (Romans 12:12).




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