#FeelingDetermined, Being a Light

The Remnant

Glass Bottle Remnant


Over the weekend, I heard a young lady express her sentiment towards someone, describing how she could damage them with the remnant of a glass bottle. (I know this sounds kinda ghetto or crazy, but hear me out.)
Sometimes, it can be lonely or a little saddening to be alone, or to be a ‘left over’ but after hearing her share about ‘beating someone up’ with the bottle, I began to think of this in spiritual terms.

Don’t feel bad about what you have done, been through, or have otherwise experienced.
God broke you and positioned you to be sharp and gave you the ability to use what he has given you to do His work!

If the remnant will stay focused and sharp, at our post, we are more powerful as the remnant, as compared to the whole bottle.

We may be less than we used to be in some regards, but we are more dangerous and stronger than we used to be in the eyes of God!


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