Growing in Christ

Empowered to Breakthrough

God has given us strength to Breakthrough. That is, to break through, overcome, withstand, and escape!

Even little peas are required to break through.

Their stems grow,

break through their exterior,

reach towards the light.

absorb nutrients,


take root,

and stretch out beyond the confines of the soil, pot, and into the air.

little break shell

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Part of this ‘breakthrough stuff’ means breaking through the ‘tough exterior’ that many of us have around us and actually doing something worthwhile.

It means being able to overcome our own deficiencies and hiccups- leaving those things behind to focus on becoming more like Christ.

It means being spiritually strong enough to bear or see or feel or hear some crazy stuff and continue to walk with the Lord.

It even means being delivered from our own selves- our own toxic thought and behavior patterns.

And God said Let the earth bring forth grass and herb yielding seed and the fruit tree yielding fruit after his kind, who seed is in itself upon the earth and it was so (Genesis 1:11).

So, yes! God has given us what we need already. It was planted within the soil of our minds, we dare grow it, so that we may breakthrough!

#SeedIsInItself #AndGodSaidLetThereBe #Breakthrough


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