Being a Light, Growing in Christ

You Grow, Girl!

One of the biggest themes in my life is personal growth.

I want to grow and be a better person every day; I also feel compelled to help others to do the same.  In this vein, many of the things that I am doing now is sharing my experiences as I grow.  One thing that is surpassing my understanding is the formation and execution of the B4 Women’s Empowerment Network.  I’m excited to be working with these ladies … it’s definitely a God thing!!!  One of the things that I have been directed to do is share many of the things that the Lord has shared with me about my growth in Him.

Here’s a tidbit:

As we we walk with Christ, He shines His light to show us who we are AND who we need to be.

The difference between one person and the next is the way we respond when the Lord shows us. 

When He shows us our faults, listen, and move in obedience – the humble response to His will for your life.

Don’t be angry.

Don’t ignore Him.

Don’t let your heart wax cold to His word.

He loves you, He cares, and He will never leave or forsake you!

I’ve noticed that the quicker we obey, the better we are, and the quicker we will obey on His next request- growth is increasing at an increasing rate!


You Grow Girl





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