Jesus cares

Ask, Seek, Knock

I believe that I heard the Lord say something and I want to share it with you… Ask. Seek. Knock.

Many times the enemy tries to intimidate us into not asking the Lord for things.

He tries to make us feel like we’ve sinned too much.
done too much bad stuff,
he reminds us of our pasts- even things we’ve repented for.
he tells us that we are likely to commit the same sin again…

The Devil is a liar! (And his breath stinks, lol)
His job is to steal, kill, and destroy – your mind, your health, your physical possessions, and your seat in heavenly places!

Ask for it anyway!

God knew you were going to do those things and He still chose you.

The Lord placed that desire in your heart for a reason,
Push through all doubts and ask for it anyway!
Ask, and have faith to believe that it will come to pass!

Be honest with the Lord, Yes I know that I’ve done _ and _.
Please forgive me. Set me in a place in my heart where I do not sin against you.
I know that was stupid.
Please help me, Lord, I need you!

I now that I don’t deserve _, but Lord, please do it anyway!
Trust, believe, and get your blessing!


I hope that this post blesses you! Much love!




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