The Final Say

Remember that God has the last word.
Not your boss!
Not your family or friends!
Not the Dr!

The final say is reserved for Jesus Christ.

Image Source: Christianstt.com

Image Source: Christianstt.com

It is a priveledge that is reserved for Jesus and He alone.
Jesus is..
Author and Finisher
Alpha and Omega
Beginning and Ending

Stop being stressed, anxious, or worried when you get bad or otherwise unfavorable news. When you do that, you yield power over to those alternatives.

Trust in the Lord, delight yourself in Him.
He loves you and cares for you.
He promised to never leave or forsake you. If you’re not already, get on #TeamJesus proactively let Him have the final say over your life!

#TheFinalSay #TeamJesus #JustChillin


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