Father, May I?

As a kid, I played the game ‘Mother May I?’

It was fun, I guess. We played it all of the time.

In my family we were told to ask, to say please, and thank you.

So I get that we always want ask. In the past, and sometimes even now when I’d ask my heavenly father questions about things, get into patterns of mild desire, failing to push past the mildness, and walk in what I was destined to receive.

I have often expressed desire…
Oh Lord, that I may bring glory to your name with my life!
Oh Lord!
I had often asked:
May I bring glory to your name with my life?
May I be a light?
May I share?
May I encourage?
May I edify?
May I suffer long?
May I show mercy?
May I be gentle?
May I give someone hope?
May I touch someone’s life with my mine?
May I be a light in darkness?

Today, I know that it does not make sense to ask Him questions He as already given us the answers to.

Stop trying to drive in neutral or be in the state of analysis paralysis.

Remember what he already to you.
Just do it!



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