Jesus cares

Go Green!

Being in a hotel in New Orleans has shown me how many organizations are ‘Going Green’. It seemed like everywhere I looked there was a sign about conserving water, energy, and paper.

It’s nice to hear that many people are being mindful of the environment, or at least are saving  buck or two by not using paper to conduct many of their business transactions.

I challenge businesses to ‘Go Green’ in another way.  Jesus said, “I am the true vine, and my Father is the husbandman” (John 15:1).

True Vine


Since Jesus is the true vine, and vines, when they are alive are green and vibrant, Go Green, Go All in with the True Vine!

These are a few quick things you can do as a Christian business owner to Go Green: n

1. Tithe and give an offering from every increase.

2. Seek out ways to give back to the community through community service projects. If you have a small company and the task sees to large, team up with other organizations and give back together.

3.  Release your employees and other workers on Sabbath. Honor this one day, per week.

4. Allow God to prune you, your business endeavors, all aspects of your business. Consult with Him. He is author and finisher, beginning and the end, and He loves and cares for you!

I have seen and am still seeing supernatural increase when I do these things in my business and am excited to share this with fellow business owners!





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