If You’re So Smart, Then Why …

Growing up, I bet I’ve heard that expression a thousand times, lol.

As I noted on yesterday, in my line of work, I interface with many people with titles.

Medical Doctors, Doctors of Philosophy, Psychiatrists, Ophthalmologists, Doctors of Pharmacy, others…

I also interface with Apostles, Preachers, Ministers, Teachers…

For the life of me, I just can’t understand:

1. With all of these ‘smart people’ the world has not made further advances. Not in science, health, or medicine, but in social and relational constructs.

2. If people are so ‘smart’ or have so many titles, why can we do we not have the ability to (or why do we simply refuse to) find a way to relate to all people.

– Are we so excited that we have arrived at being a ‘Dr’ or ‘Pastor’ or ‘Minister’ , etc. that we have forgotten that we are supposed to help people?

-Are we so intelligent and intellectual that we have forgotten our roots?  Have we forgotten that once we did not know how to read or multiply?  Have we forgotten that we were once in sin?

– Have we gotten so excited that we have ‘arrived’ that we forgot:

-Where we came from?

-Where we are supposed to be going?

The title of Doctor is supposed to be a means to an end, not a stopping point.  Ministerial titles are likewise.

When you have earned this credential or title, you have not arrived. What many consider as a ‘finish line’ is a mere starting line for the next phase of your life.   The type of behavior that I witness makes me question our motives as a collective body, are we chasing status or our desire to help people?

Why can’t we have a conversation with people without talking down to them?

Why can’t you find a few laymen’s terms to communicate what you trying are saying?





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