A Note on Intelligence and Wisdom

In my line of work, I am around a significant amount of ‘smart people’.  People with multiple degrees, copious amounts of intellect, the ability to analyze, synthesize, and pulverize data, the ability to develop solutions to problems and implement procedures to eradicate world-wide issues and diseases.

Unfortunately, I see a tremendous disparity between what people know and how they behave – their knowledge and their wisdom.

Medical Doctors, Dentists, Orthodontists, Nurses who take care of cancer patients, but smoke…

Plastic Surgeons, Thoracic Surgeons, Critical Care Surgeons, and General Surgeons who endure grave academic training and work their daily lives to perform very detail-oriented surgeries but do not brush their teeth or don’t take the time to floss…

Optometrists and Ophthalmologists who ‘give sight to the blind’ but cannot see their way to have a sensible and polite conversation with a 12th grader …

I know that I am simplifying this but I hope you get my drift.  We need the Lord to help us with this disparity.

This is my prayer:

Lord, I ask that as you endow me with knowledge for this blog and for my life, that you also make me wise enough to apply the knowledge that you given me.

Thank you for showing that there is a difference between intelligence and wisdom, and for helping me bridge the gap.  Lord, I ask that you heal the minds of those who you have placed in leadership.

Teach your Ministers, Deacons, Pastors, Apostles, and Prophets and other leaders to apply what you teach them.  O, Lord, let us turn our focus toward you in every way.

In Jesus name, I pray, Amen.


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