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Fear and Cross Intimidation

I resolve to:

be fearless.

live a life replete of fearful people.

be of good courage.

cast out fear with love.

Unfortunately,  my personal resolution does not enable me to stop encountering fear-full situations and fear-full people. It is also unfortunate that when many people are afraid to

-try new things,

-break bad habits,

-reach higher heights,

-get outside of their comfort zones,

… they try to plant seeds of fear in you.

Because they are intimidated by their own pasts, fear of success, fear of failure, current situations, their own failures, the failures of others, their own deficiencies, worries, lack of faith, lack of integrity, or even the amount of work that they have to put in to achieve a goal, they try to spread their disbelief onto you. They try to contaminate your thinking.  They try to contaminate your thinking.

I call it Cross Intimidation.  Before I reached the point where I am today, I faced these types of situations repeatedly.  Over time, I decided to be prepared.

I needed to prepare myself for:

1. what I would think about as they tried to plant doubt,

2. what I would say to them as they talked,

3. what I would think about after they left.

4. what I would do after they left.

When I interface with them, like clock-work, I do and say what I have prepared. Like a press conference, my words are ready.

If you don’t want to buy into their life style and their level of thinking. I invite you to commit to:

– love and not fear

– push yourself outside of your your belief system

– accomplish goals against popular thought

– accomplish more than your though accomplishable

– prepare your mind to respond (not react) to naysayers

– prepare a statement for your ‘press release’ or ‘press conference’

When I was growing up, my dad and granddad used to grow water melons. As kids, we would set outside and go to town with a big, thick slice of watermelon. Eating the yellow or red flesh, we would spit out the seeds …

When people say their opinions, try the spirit by the spirit whether it be of God.

Eat what is of God, spit out everything else!

By the authority that is invested in me, I spit out every seed of fear, doubt, or other similar spirit that people have tried to plant in my life. Cast them back into the pit of hell, where they came from, in the name of Jesus!

I am not afraid!

I am not afraid of success!

I am not afraid of failure!

I am going try my best!

I don’t care if others think it’s too hard!

I’ll either win or learn. Either way, I win!








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