Believing is

Now Look At Ya, You’ve Got That Stuff All Over You!

Remember hearing your mom telling you that?

I sure do! It’s kinda annoying when someone notices what you’ve smeared on you before you notice it yourself.  Chocolate, castup, mustard, mayo, sugary sweets… what ever.

I’m glad that my parents taught me to be neat … taught me to use a napkin and wipe between bites.  To be careful of letting the wrong things smear on me. I’m glad that they taught me those things …

I’m glad that my parents also taught me to pay my tithe.

When I was very young, they gave us an allowance and taught my siblings and I to pay tithes and to give an offering.  As an adult, I do those things without hesitation. This has enabled me to develop trust in God that I would not have developed otherwise. I know that I can trust the Lord.

He already knows if He can trust me; I have proved to myself that I trust Him.

As a child, in those little matters regarding finances, I ran to Him.

As an adult, I do the same. I can therefore quickly trust Him with other matters. If I get sick or need Him in other manners, I know that I can trust Him to do just what He promised in His word.

I can trust Him to keep my mind.

I can trust Him to keep me safe.

I can trust Him to keep my parents and siblings safe.

I can trust Him to help me land and maintain business deals.

I can trust Him to help me be healthy and maintain optimal health.

I can trust Him to be my friend.

I can trust Him to protect me- from dangers seen and unseen.

He is my source.

This obedience and trust in God for tithes, offerings, and my finances has smeared to more important matters.

Likewise, I have have learned to recognize and obey His voice. I know when He is speaking to me. I can distinguish His voice from my carnal mind.

I recognize and have developed an increasingly quick obedience to His instruction. Of course this is all a work in progress, but I am much better than I used to be and most importantly, everyday I want to and work to be better.

I pray that my trust in Him as a kid, with my $2.00 allowance, my trust in Him for healing, and for spiritual gifts thus far will smear into all other areas of my life.

I pray that my obedience of His instruction in my personal life will continue to smear in my life forevermore.

I remember a commercial where the tag line was ‘Look, Mom, I’m eating my oatmeal’.

I dare say, “Look, Mom, I’ve got faith and trust in God smeared all over me! And I ain’t wiping that off!”

I pray that if I ever have children, that I am able to teach them these things, and instruct them to teach others to do the same … and so on. Until that time, I will smear my experiences with friends near and far.

I hope that this ‘voice recognition’ that I have been working on will smear also and allow me to also recognize His voice when He says, ‘Come, my people’, that I may hear and obey His voice for that very important instruction.



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