Keep It Moving

God has empowered you!

By His grace, you are living in a time when you can be born poor but work to make a better life for yourself.
Likewise, we were born into sin and can repent then live without perpetual sin!

You are your own gas pedal
You are your own brake
You decide if you move forward or delay
You determine if you go fast or slow
You determine if you never move or never slow down

You decide how quickly you travel:
Around the corner
Around the curve

Through the mud puddle
Through the over-flowing pond
Over bad roads
Over ‘Rocky Lanes’
Over smooth pavement
Over bumpy dirt roads

You decide if you take the trip:
Despite sprinkles
Despite afternoon showers
Despite snowstorms
Despite blizzards
Despite icy windshields
Despite re-iced windshields
Despite hail
Despite thunderstorms
Despite oncoming tornados
Despite hurricanes
Despite tsunamis

You decide if you still want to make the trip even when you have to:

Wake up early​
Stay up late

Drive with
Heavy Eyelids
Dreadful company
Best of Friends

You’ve got to make up your mind before you get in the vehicle.
I must make this drive.
I will make this drive, no matter what obstacles I face.
If my car breaks down.
I just need to get a repair or alternative transportation.
I’m not quitting.
I’m not taking a break.

I don’t care what I must go through!
I will take the hits and get back up and keep moving!




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