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Discipline is the process of training that is used to develop obedience (, rev.).  As a disciple of Jesus Christ, I must discipline myself to obey His will and word. There are times when I have asked Him for the desire to be disciplined (wow!). I honestly did not want to!  I have to purposely:

1. Proactively seek after ways to please the Lord.

2. Stay out of perpetual sin.

3. Rid myself of weights, distractions, frustrations…

4. In regular intervals, separate myself from food, drink, and seek Him all the more.

5. Encourage others to do 1-4, above.

I have noticed that the more I push away from flesh and carnality, the more power I have to do His work.

He gives me more peace, joy, grace, strategy, power, wisdom, humility …

He teaches me warfare.

His teaches me His will for my life.




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