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Don’t Catch the Wrong Bus!

In some earlier posts, I discussed how the Lord is a Great Prepare-er.

I thank God for preparing me for His work. I am grateful for this journey that we are on together: I am also, very glad that He has brought me to the place where I have these types of thoughts about Him.

As a single woman, I long for companionship. Sometimes, more than other times.  Lol, sometimes, not at all!  But generally speaking, I do.  In prayer and meditation about this recently, I heard the Lord say that He has invested far too much time in me for me to get on the first train smoking.  Lol…

I had to share this!!

Ladies and gentlemen, be honest your journey with the Lord.  Take the time to remember what He has brought you through and be grateful.  Smile and know that just as He has taken so much time and effort to prepare you, He has taken the same amount, if not more, to prepare your partner for life.

Make sure that you are not settling, but rather that you are truly waiting for the Lord to give you the man or woman that HE has destined for you to be with.  (For the most part, these are my preferences, but you get the drift.)  I whole heartedly believe that He who God has for me is the type of person:
Who is full of the Holy Spirit

Who admires what I pour my heart into, not the person who dreads what I love

Who is proactive and a hard worker

Who understands my personality and likes it

Who is patient, kind

Who expects to live a long life

Who makes healthy food choices

Who ‘gets me’

Who is strong and confident, but willing to let me help him

Who is a natural-born provider

Whose line of work compliments mine; He never competes with me

Who always has something positive to say or add

Who is a healthy lover

Who thinks what I do is important

Who is proud to know me

Who speaks life over me

Who is not physically or emotionally or financially, etc… yoked with another woman

Who is never sarcastic or rude

Who has a long-standing relationship with Christ

Who loves the Word of God

Who thinks that Kingdom work is important

Who never shares our conversations with others

Who is in love with me, not the idea of me

Who never exploits people and is not manipulative or vindictive

Who thinks that my pet peeves are important

Who is kind, without thinking of himself

Who never gossips or backbites; only edifies people

Who loves to read and write

Who is cool-tempered, passionate

Who likes the finer things in life.

Who loves to take mission trips, give, share, and do

Who is physically attractive and is physically attracted to me

Who is cheerful and friendly, never meets a stranger

Who does not drink or smoke and it’s perfectly ok with him- is a ‘non-issue’

Who I don’t have to convince to pay his tithe, cheerfully give an offering

Who understands the importance of gainful income

Who is well kept, combs his hair, takes showers (had to throw this one in there, lol)

Who understands the importance of setting up a retirement fund, establishing a funeral account, finishing his degree program, etc

Who is always thinking of and planning for the future

Is completely against pre-maritial sex

Who is a savvy business man

Who values the time that we spend together, instead of thinking that other things are more important

As people of God, we need to make sure that we don’t settle and catch the wrong bus.

“Have a little talk with Jesus” and ask Jesus what you need to want in a life partner.

Write the vision and make it plain!

The person who we yoke up for life with is too important to leave to chance, or to make a decision about while intoxicated by sex, drugs, or alcohol. Be prayerful, sober and diligent.

On this journey called life, don’t get on the wrong bus!  Get on the bus that God has prepared for you.





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