Let Freedom Ring

This past weekend, I went to see Selma. Selma was recently released to theatres and will remain open through the Martin Luther King Holiday Weekend.  Great cinematography, great film!

It was very painful to watch many of the scenes.  I cried. It was very emotional for me to see what happened to so many people.

Moreover, my mom was an activist. She did a set-in, was taken in custody, etc. She shared her story with us (her kids) when I was growing up.

As I reflect on the sacrifices that they made and the lives that were lost, I think of the sacrifice that our Lord made to deliver us from sin.

Lord, thank you for coming to earth to live as a man.

Thank you for suffering greatly for us, even though many of us take you and your sacrifice for granted.

Thank you for accepting such a horrible death.

Thank you for the blood that you shed.

May I never take anything you did for granted.

I accept the freedom that you purchased for me with your blood.

Let Freedom Ring!

If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed (John 8:36).


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