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Pay It Forward

Pay it Forward.

Popular thought has emphasized giving finances.  Yes, it is important to do that, but as a person who has been in academia 28 years,  I realize that some times you just don’t have money …  therefore, NO, it is not necessary that everything that is ‘paid forward’ is paid with cash, credit, or debit cards.

If you have money, yes, you should pay your tithes and give an offering. 
Give other tangibles like food, or possessions when you know it’s your last.

Show genuine kindness and love to people you know hate your guts.
Smile when you know you wanna cry.
Volunteer your ‘much-needed’ time to serve a Godly cause.
Have a cheerful attitude in a difficult circumstance.

Shut up when you know you could have the last word.

Give, pay it forward, for God loves a cheerful giver. II Corinthians 9:7




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