Discipline, Purpose, Trust

Wrestle Not!

We wrestle not against flesh and blood but principalities… Eph 6:12

We overcome through the blood of the lamb and the word of our testimonies… Rev 12:11

Stand and see the salvation of the LORD. Exodus 14:13 and II Chronicles 20:17

We’d rather hear someone say, ‘Yeah, you told me that!’ than to hear them testify that God changed their hearts, that God delivered them, that they are saved by God’s grace, that they thank God for doing this or that…

Wrestle Not!

We’ve got to learn to be quiet.
Be quiet and hear God.
Be quiet and let people hear God not our motor mouths.

The more you talk the more you exacerbate or worsen your situation.

It is better to dwell in a corner of the rooftop than with a brawling (or
in some translations- a nagging or contentious) woman. Proverbs 21:9

Sarcastic talking, combativeness, and strife, saying things ‘tit-for-tat’
can set you back years in the past and rob the function of the anointing.

Either you trust in your mouth or you trust in the spirit of the Lord.
Choose ye this day who you will serve! Joshua 24:25

One of the main reasons that we are not overcoming and we are not healing others because we want to take credit in some manner. On the contrary, all glory belongs to God.

Look back over your life and be honest about where your have mouth has gotten you…
Where the Lord has taken you…

And shut up!

Zechariah sat in silence:

… waiting for he who would usher in the Lord.
… waiting for he who would be the voice crying in the wilderness.

Let us sit in silence now, trusting in God to do His work.

Henceforth, now and forevermore, let the Holy Spirit work. Rather than talking, trying to convince people let the Holy Spirit convict them- the change will be significant to them and more meaningful, and  permanent.

Don’t be caught up on getting everything ‘off your chest’ or receiving credit but rather give God glory!!

Wrestle not!


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