Ease On Down The Road

Day two of my travel, I decided that I would pace myself and “Ease on Down the Road.”

After two days of back-to-back rush here, rush there, I resolved to take my time doing things today.


With only two hours left to my destination, I woke up casually, and at a moderate speed, prepared to get some breakfast from the Hyatt buffet downstairs, load my car, and move on south. As I drove, I put Diana Ross and Michael’s song on repeat and thought about its message.

1. Keep it moving.

2. Get rid of weight and things that might be a load.

This move, this vision is not mine. I am now seeing that when the vision is not yours, but rather the Lord’s the plan is not yours either.

Every set back, every failure, everything is part of God’s wonderful orchestration of your life.

Ease on down the road, He’s got you!


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