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Broken Families

As controversial as this may be, I dare to post it. There has been an influx of divorce, separation, and shared custody. Perhaps many of the reasons why many broken families are broken is because the adults and children don’t know how to treat one another.

Broken love, broken care, broken time together… has seemed to have changed their tempers, attitudes, and abilities to suffer long.   This inability to fellowship and commune renders families to now not be able to see one another on a regular basis and to resolve to treat each other with kindness and respect.

Idk, maybe all of the turmoil of separation and divorce has changed us …

Did it ‘take all of that’ for you be able to spoil your kids with attention and love?

Did it ‘take all of that’ to stop complaining and giving him or her a piece of your mind?

No one every told me this, but life taught me: Death is like divorce.

Ever notice how people are so nice at a funeral? Enemies hug and suck up the small stuff.

Ever notice how people who are not close get close at the time of death or hurricane or similar calamity.

I hope that it does not always ‘take all of that’ for us to get our love in check- to get our peace in check.

To finally get it together and talk to people like they are just that people.

Lord, forgive me for the instances when I did not know how to treat people that I love. Forgive me for being my fickle self.  Cleanse me. Purge me with hyssop, that I may be white as snow.   And, Lord, before our relationships and families break in separation, divorce,or death let us be knitted together. When we are together, let us be together in love, joy, and peace.  Let us cherish our time together, for flesh is grass.  Let this happen so that we also desire to give love and care and especially spend time together in your presence.  In Jesus name, I pray, Amen.


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