Purpose, Whatsoever Things Are

2015 New Year’s Prayer

O Lord I come to you this morning thanking you for this day. I thank you for the opportunity to pray as we walk into the new year. Lord forgive me for my sins, known & unknown. Purge me with hyssop.

Now Lord, Let your Word burn, like fire in my heart!
Manifest your tangible word in my life! Show me your glory!

Give me & show me my permanent place in you and in your kingdom.
Show me your vision.
Let me walk in  your way & your purpose for my life.
Fight for me, please Lord.

The tare influences the wheat by emotion, manipulation, and guilt.
I decree & declare I am wheat!

I decree & declare that I will never be influenced by manipulative people, neither will I be a manipulator.

I refuse to be entangled with people whose 2015 is just like 2014.
I refuse to be an audience for foolishness or partake in things that are sinful or that are not like You.

I decree and I declare God will separate me from people:
With recurring disobedience,
Who refuse to be disciplined,
Who want to carry baggage,
Who refuse to listen to God tell them how to let go of baggage!

Who refuse to forgive themselves or others,
Who steal my time, energy, effort, resources or ideas,
Who refuse to be naked before God,
Who serve God with their lips but their hearts are far from You.

Speak death, turmoil, or evil over their own lives and mine.
Destroy themselves and me with their words,
Whose life is dull, drab, complacent & purposeless,
Who camouflages fear with ‘waiting on the Lord’
Whose lives are laced with or full of fear & hesitation,
Who rely on words more than the spirit of the Lord.
… for the Word says the letter killeth but the Spirit brings forth life!

Instead, Lord make me keen- sharpen my discernment.
Keep the words from my mouth few, guide them that they always be true.
Have me to quickly obey the Word that comes to me from the Spirit of Jesus Christ.
Strengthen me. That I may not be afraid of the words of mere men- whether they be true or untrue.
Help me love you more each day.
In the mighty name of Jesus, Amen!


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