Jesus is Lord

Whose Birthday Is it Anyway?

I remember years ago, traveling into the city to celebrate my Aunt’s Birthday.

When we reached her, she smiled and hurried to the car.  Her cheeks were lifted, demeanor was cheerful and friendly.  When she got into the car,  the car filled with upbeat conversation.

My aunt quickly asked, ‘Where are we going?’

We all quickly and cheerfully began to ask her questions and make comments:

Where do you wanna go? … Yeah, it’s your birthday, you decide … Just name it, any place! … Where do you wanna go? …  What do you have a taste for? … What have you been craving? …  Just tell us, we’ll go!

She named her first choice.

Someone said… ‘You wanna go where? No … Let’s go somewhere nice, I mean, it’s your birthday, let’s go set down at a nice restaurant!’

She said, ‘Oh, ok, ok!!’ Still grinning and busting with excitement. “Let’s go to… ” (some other place).

Someone quickly said, “I really don’t like’ (the restaurant) ‘Can we go somewhere on the other side of town, I mean, it is your birthday, we don’t wanna get robbed!!!’

She said, ‘Ok, let me think: Hum.’ How about… ”

I said, ‘Man, Tee, I was hoping thinking that we’d go some place where we could all find a healthy option.’

She said, ‘Oh, ok, ok. Ummmm .. anybody ever tried (some other place)?’

A couple people replied with some other comments about how they have never tried it because of some reason or another…

With a confused look on her face, she finally said, ‘Well, why don’t ya’ll decide, then … ” LOL.


Can you imagine experiencing this scenario on your birthday?

Looking on this with my sisters and mom, we laugh but surely we could have done better.

Can we ‘suck up’ our personal preferences when it’s their birthday and you are treating them to a meal to celebrate their birth and life?  This is very sad actually.

This year, as we celebrate the Birth of Jesus Christ, let us do what HE would have for us to do.

Seek His face, ask Him what He would have for you to do, today, and everyday!

Merry Christ-mas = More of Christ 😉



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