Jesus is Lord, Reflection

Christmas Reflections

Today, I am opting to check myself, and see if I’ve grown.  I’ve pasted some of my public Christmas reflections, below.

December 25, 2012:
I searched and I found Him to be a mighty counselor-
More wise and viligent that I could ever be.
Away from the manger,

Waxed strong in spirit,
He has erected a tower-
Strong and mighty all round about me.
No, no, no
He is the tower, mighty in battle!!!

Jesus your name is a strong arm of protection.
My God
The author an finisher gives perfect counsel
And hath smeared a path-
Through the city and field
Hath made every crooked path straight
Lifted valleys and hath made mountains low.
I have found him to be a mighty counselor.
No need to trust in self,
For I am to be about His business.
I need to listen to The Mighty Counselor.
I have found Him to be my Mighty Counselor.
December 2013:
I am thankful that my Lord Jesus loved me so much that He came down from the heavens
In the form of a man to live as an example for me.

I am grateful that He knew he’d suffer greatly in life and in death,
But still chose to come here for me.
I am humbled as I ponder the sacrifice He made to come and live here for a season.
I am thankful to have had an opportunity to share this Christmas with my family to share the remebrance of His great sacrifice.
I am thankful that much of my family was able to be away from work and free to spend time together.
I am thankful for the time we spent in prayer, playing games, and sharing.
… And falling on the floor laughing.
When I remember His sacrifice, I am compelled to declare that:
Henceforth, everyday I will strive to have:
CHRIST MAS = More of Christ

In every area of my life, more of Christ.
Not more of who I want to be.
More of who He is.
Less of who He is not.
Merry Christ Mas 🙂


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