Discipline, Jesus is Lord, Love

Just Enough

Sometimes in relationships, we show affection to our significant other just enough for them not to leave us

We may say I love you just enough for them to know that we love them

We may say or we may do certain things just enough for the relationship to remain intact

At your job, you may come in just enough for them to know that you still work there

With regard to your duties or responsibilities, you may do things that you supposed to do just enough that you can keep your job

Likewise, your employer may pay you just enough to keep you from looking for another job

You may come in late, or leave early but do it just enough times to avoid getting written up or fired

When unbelievers date saved folks, they often attend church/ pray/read their bible just enough to make the believer think that they love the Lord

… All of these things may be true,

but in our relationships with our significant others

and in your relationship with Christ, you can’t just do just enough. 

You can’t go to church just enough to make yourself ‘feel good’ about your relationship with God

We can’t go to church and experience just enough of the presence of the Lord and then leave and return to our wicked ways …

We cannot do just enough to get into the kingdom of God!!

We cannot do just enough.

Simply, He has done far too much for us to give Him any minimal amount of any thing- praise, worship, time … nothing.






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