Close to Christ, Discipline

My Fav Pen

Sometimes, I can be very creative. I love to paint, write…

I have a drawer with two shoe boxes of pens, markers, and other writing utensils.  I’ve been writing a lot lately and I’ve noticed that I have a favorite pen. This pen, as compared to probably 300 other writing tools, is very reliable.

It works when ever I need it.

It’s easy to grip and hold.

I take it where ever I go. You’ll find it in my car console, my purse, my gym bag …

I don’t have to scribble here and there to test to see if it works before I use it.

It’s bold enough to write what I need it to write.

It’s the right shade of blue; It does not bleed through.

I was thinking… if the Lord was looking for a utensil- a tool to use one that would write or say what He wanted it to say- a tool that was the right shade, the right level of boldness, easy to hold and went every where He went, would he consider me?  I dare not look up and defiantly ask the Lord why He is doing this or that unto me.  Lord, help me to be as the pen of the ready writer, patiently and obediently waiting to do as you instruct.




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