Small, Yet Powerful Beyond Measure

I was wondering why someone would attack me.

… I mean, ‘I’m not hurting nobody!’ … ‘Why are you throwing salt on me?? ‘


I’m just moving along through life, not bothering anybody, minding my own business, and bam!!! Attack!!!


I started daydreaming and wondering why as kids, we used to pour salt on slugs and snails.

We were told that they would die if we put salt on them … tested the theory, and behold: they did die!


Oh, we gott’em now! Go for it, you kill this one, I’ll kill that one, over there!



As I researched later, I learned that slugs/snails:

– Can be covered with a shell (covering) and then be virtually impenetrable.

– Have internal organs that undergo a 180 degree change during its development.

contain male and female organs and is able to reproduce when they encounter any of the same type of snail.

– Are able to move about on land and on water.

– Can kill their prey (foliage) faster than it can grow.


As a woman of God:

– My covering is my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, with Him I am unstoppable, impenetrable.

– Christ has given me a 180 degree change on the inside of me – I may look like the same person, but I am not.

– In those times that I expected him to change others, he has changed me.

– Moreover, when I come together with other believers, we are planet shakers, producing others who are also planet shakers.  As a matter of fact, where just two gather, we find the heart of God and build the kingdom of God in the hearts of other people.  With my focus on my Lord- I can walk on water- accomplish things that would have otherwise been impossible.

– Through spiritual warfare, I can and will destroy every plot, plan, or trick of the enemy, in Jesus name!


I may be small, but I am powerful beyond measure, and so are you!



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