Jesus is Lord, Reflection


As you probably already know, one of the words that is in the air is purpose. Purpose is very important because when the Lord reveals yours to you, it explains your past, and can propel every part of your everyday life, and shape your future.

Purpose helps us understand why you are different from everyone else in general. Even why you are different from your twin.  It helps us understand why the Lord did not simply create mindless robots, or why He simply just did not make us angels or just like angels- but that we are not invisible.

When you know your purpose, you attract people who know theirs (and repel those who do not know their own). Individuals who know their purpose will not be caught up in immaturity, jealousy, envy, or strife. We are to be enthralled in our purpose and pleasing our Lord so much so that we do not have time to behave unseemlingly or in whatever manner display any unfavorable personality traits.

Further, the best relationships- platonic or otherwise- are those where people know their purpose and as individuals, each party is working to accomplish their own goals- when they come together, they compliment, encourage and edify one another and then part ways, super-charged to do their best.

Being around a mate who knows his purpose, believes in and supports yours.
A couple years ago, I was speaking with one of my friends about being in a un-equally yoked relationship.
I said that it’s really nice when your partner knows your purpose, contributes with positive reinforcement, constructive criticisms and gives you ample space to grow and walk in what God wants you to do.

I think that in all the ways you can be unequally yoked that this is the most significant.



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